History of the hotel

1552 Boutique Hotel Eger - Hotel története

1552 Boutique Hotel - Style, experience, tradition

An intimate, private hotel in the heart of the centre fetch by its appearance. However, this beautiful monument looks traditional, it is completely refurbished inside. 15 thematic rooms are waiting to host you for a nice stay. We have paid much attention to the design of each room, the combination of new and old is just like a new marriage of Eger Bull`s blood. The strong and thick monumental walls, the preserved red marble floor on the ground floor, the soft arches, 4-meter ceiling height have set our imagination afloat. 

It is known as “Generalate House” among the citizens of Eger.

Originally it was a commander accommodation, then it was used as a school in the past.
It is known as “Generalate House” among the citizens of Eger.

The 260-year-old building has a new interior design respectably to its original name and function. Walking inside the hotel we hope you can feel the power and aura of the old building despite the new style.

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